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Brian and Randy Schiltz, the brothers behind t-Olive Properties, have been building custom homes for over 25 years. Their innovative design and building practices have made them leaders in Georgia’s custom home industry, with creations featured in the Los Angeles Times, Builder News, Details in Architecture, Travel & Leisure and Style of Design, and the HGTV program, Extreme Homes

Constantly tracking advances in green building technologies and melding cost-effective new solutions with standard building practices, t-Olive is dedicated to creating environmentally and energy-efficient, yet invitingly comfortable, homes. The firm is actively involved in the EarthCraft House Program, and was honored for the 2011 EarthCraft Certified Home of the Year.

t-Olive Properties is the Woodhaven Bend preferred custom home builder. Other opportunities may exist for special circumstances. Lot prices are subject to change accordingly. Please inquire with Helen Fuller, Woodhaven Bend’s exclusive representative.

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