The Community

Unlike many “luxury” communities, Woodhaven Bend was not designed to insulate residents against nature, but to allow easy access and interaction — in your own way, at your own pace and within your own comfort level — and create a mutually rewarding coexistence between the man-made and natural worlds.

Natural beauty is Woodhaven Bend’s finest amenity, an integral part of the community’s luxury. We have secured it against intrusion by planting over 5,000 native trees and plants in an unspoiled 50-acre riverside preserve.

Woodhaven Bend’s high-end residential luxury does not come at the expense of — but in cooperation with — the natural order. We are one of very few communities nationally that offers such an unmatched blend of natural beauty, ecological responsibility and civilized comforts.

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Every home in Woodhaven Bend is custom-designed for its site. Once you select your ideal location, you may select your own architect and builder or consult with our own custom home experts, Bryan Residential Planning Company and/or t-Olive Properties.

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